The Heat Pump Association Responds to the Climate Change Committee’s Net Zero Workforce Report

We welcome findings by the Climate Change Committee detailing the potential for the net zero transition to deliver a green workforce, and it is encouraging to see that the changing economy can spearhead growth in areas of historically low employment. We are pleased to see recognition that electrification of heat is generally the most efficient and lowest cost option, and echo calls to rapidly shift the level of heat pump engineers to abate emissions. With around 9% of UK workers currently employed in services that contribute to net zero, and 3% of workers employed in battery and heat pump manufacturing, this area can and will see exponential growth if the Government can create a net zero economy with a comparative advantage, capturing opportunities for domestic economic activity in the low carbon space.

We have long advocated for a strong installer base, with our membership providing the capacity to train up to 40,000 heat pump engineers each year. With the CCC predicting that around 30,000 new heat pump engineers will be needed in total by 2030, it is clear to see that the industry has enough capability to make this happen to accelerate a just transition to Net Zero. We welcomed recently announced proposals to subsidise those training to be a heat pump engineer and would welcome more support in the short to medium term to incentivise upskilling and harness the potential that low carbon heating has for the economy. More support for the growing heat pump workforce will further help to plug the installer gap and harness the potential to transform the UK’s current 130,000 gas safe engineers to deliver low carbon heating.

“The CCC’s overview released yesterday confirms our calls for a stronger heat pump installer workforce. With heat pumps being at the forefront of building decarbonisation, it is crucial to use this as an opportunity to create high-skill essential jobs that will spearhead the transition. 

Our member base represents over 95% of the heat pump manufacturing sales share and has showcased their readiness to upskill the nation ready for the transition to a net zero economy. We also encourage the government to complement the industry’s willingness to train the workforce – by growing consumer demand through bringing forward its planned reductions in electricity prices as soon as possible.”

Charlotte Lee

Chief Executive, The Heat Pump Association (HPA)

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