As advocates for accelerating the deployment of heat pumps in the UK, we understand the importance of transparent and insightful data to inform policy, guide industry practices, and empower consumers and installers.

On this page, you will find statistics gathered by, and on behalf of, the Heat Pump Association that provide an overview of the heat pump landscape in the UK.

Heat Pump sales in the UK

Dive into the latest figures on heat pump sales, showcasing the growth in UK heat pump sales.

Our statistics are gathered through a combination of utilising data provided by HPA manufacturing members and using market estimation techniques to extrapolate the data to represent the full UK Heat Pump market. This data includes Air to Water Heat Pumps, Ground and Water Source Heat Pumps, Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps and Exhaust Air Heat Pumps.

Note: It does not include air to air heat pumps and therefore makes it incomparable to many EU data sources.

Annual Heat Pump Sales UK

NOTE: Number of units passing the factory gate; in its most literal form means the product is no longer an asset of the manufacturers UK establishment or company or primary UK distribution channel (this last definition is used where there is no direct sales in the UK and all/majority of sales are made through an agreed distributor).

Qualified Heat Pump Installers

The backbone of the heat pump revolution lies in the skilled professionals equipped to install these systems.

Below you’ll find HPA data gathered on the number of individuals who successfully completed training to install Heat Pumps in the UK.

Number of IndividualS trained
to install Heat Pumps in the UK

NOTE: Data referenced in this release is based on the number of individuals who have successfully completed one of the Heat Pump training courses that are eligible for the Heat Training Grant.

Our commitment to accelerating the deployment of heat pumps in the UK is deeply intertwined with our belief in the power of data-driven decisions and policymaking.

By sharing these statistics, we aim to inform those in the sector whether you are a policymaker, industry stakeholder, or a homeowner considering a heat pump. We hope this page serves as a valuable resource in the journey to the decarbonisation of heat.