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Slough offices get heating and cooling – lettable space is increased

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Even with a ceiling void of only 250mm, offices at 10 The Grove in Slough were still able to take advantage of Fujitsu’s VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system by utilising compact ducted indoor units to provide heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Heating too

Renovation of the 367m2 three-storey office building was already underway when RS Refrigeration won the air conditioning contract. Originally a cooling only project, architect Dunthorne Parker realised that by removing the wet heating system not only was the lettable space increased but this approach also provided a more economical and controlled working environment by providing heating as and when it was needed in addition to cooling. Ocean Air Distribution Ltd recommended the VRF because it offered two solutions to the narrow ceiling void: a choice of either cassettes or ducted units.
The ducted units fit neatly into the ceiling void supplying conditioned warm or cool air to the space via discreet diffuser grilles. Two three-pipe heat recovery VRF networks have been installed connected to a total of 14 indoor units. In addition the condensers provide an equally discreet installation outside.
The Grove has undergone extensive refurbishment by specialist contractor, Orion Interiors Group, that has resulted in an open plan space that can be either left open or divided into cellular offices, depending on occupier requirements. Fujitsu’s VRF can accommodate both as each indoor unit can be independently controlled for cellular use or group controlled by one master controller in an open plan area. The two types of central controllers enable the user to configure time, temperature and airflow settings, winter and summer, for all individual or groups of indoor units as required.
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