Phil Hurley takes over as Heat Pump Association Chairman

Phil Hurley is the new Chairman of the Heat Pump Association (HPA), replacing Graham Wright who has finished his two-year term and now steps down from the role. Replacing Phil Hurley as Vice-Chairman is Max Halliwell of Mitsubishi Electric.

During his tenure Graham Wright oversaw some major breakthroughs for the heat pump industry and has steered the HPA into a strong position in helping to push the UK towards a carbon neutral future.

Graham said: “It has been a real honour and a privilege to Chair such a forward thinking and hard working group. I am proud to see heat pumps at the forefront of Government strategy in the decarbonisation of heat.”

Phil Hurley has been HPA Vice-Chairman since April 2019 and is Managing Director of NIBE Energy Systems. He said: “With the Government’s announcement of its Green Industrial Revolution the heat pump industry now finds itself on the crest of a wave. I would like to thank Graham for his tireless work and leadership which has brought significant results. I look forward to building on Graham’s achievements and ensuring the heat pump industry is ready to step up and deliver on its promises.”