Ivan White Farm, North Yorkshire


A striking barn conversion in the heart of Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, has capitalised on the benefits of installing a NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump system to supply heating and hot water to the 200 year old property.



Ground Source Heat Pump (12kW)


Owners of Ivin Waite Farm, located on the fringes of the hamlet of Bewerley, close to the affluent spa town of Harrogate, chose the system as a replacement to its LPG system which was costly and required modernising. Annual costs for running an off-grid LPG system can be four times as much as a sustainable source and generate at least twice as many CO2 emissions. The homeowner, Richard Dutton, who has lived there for four years with his family, explored renewable heating systems which supported the off-grid nature of his home and his research highlighted the efficiencies of Ground Source Heat Pumps, their capabilities of supplying heat and hot water and their carbon neutral credentials.


The project required the installation of two NIBE F1145 – 12kW ground source heat pumps with a 200 litre NIBE VPB hot water cylinder and 200 litre UKV buffer cylinder. 1500 metres of pipe was laid in the paddock adjacent to the Dutton’s home which, whilst labour intensive, generated the required heat so that they could enjoy ambient temperatures throughout the day and night rather than limiting the use of their previous system due to escalating and unsustainable costs.

The Ground Source Heat Pump System works through a buried pipe system laid 1.2 metres below the surface which extracts heat from the ground to provide efficient and reliable heating and hot water. It circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a ground loop. The heat is absorbed into the fluid which then passes through a heat exchanger and into a heat pump. Because the ground stays at a remarkably consistent temperature below the surface, and is not affected by weather conditions heat pumps can be used successfully throughout the year.

“A Ground Source Heat Pump system has solved all our heating and hot water concerns and allowed us live in a property which we can maintain at a steady 18°C rather than having heat on for a couple of hours in a morning and the same in the evening”