Mitsubishi Electric:
St Andrew’s School


St Andrews is one of the first schools to obtain a grant under the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. The funding has been used to replace an old oil boiler with Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps, helping the school to transition to green energy.



Air Source Heat Pumps (four 14kW units)


St Andrews primary school wanted a low cost and renewable heating system which could maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the school, whilst being as energy-efficient and carbon-neutral as possible.

The challenge was to completely move away from the antiquated oil fired system and use a low carbon form of heating while optimising the current radiators which would be supplied by low temperature Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps.


The project carried out by Jason Rogan and his team at C P Jefferies was to de-commission the existing old oil fired boiler, and remove redundant pipework and materials and to install a new low carbon heating system. The design requirements for the new system was to cater for multiple heating zones, which includes radiators and underfloor heating.

Disruption to pupil attendance and the down time of heating whilst the school was still in use had to be considered during the project.

A new Ecodan heating system incorporating four 14kW units and a new distribution system was installed which supplies heat to the existing combination of underfloor heating and radiators already in the school. The use of the existing emitter system meant that internal disruption and the need to be in the main public areas was minimised.

Our school is nestled in the most incredibly beautiful countryside, and we feel an absolute moral responsibility to take action to maintain and sustain this for our children’s future. A lot of our curriculum content covers the climate crisis and the damage to our environment in the world, but our school’s effort makes these topics accessible to every pupil. It is vital that we teach children that what they do matters, whether this be in their actions towards our planet, or actions towards each other“.