Heat Pump Association – Chief Executive

Job Title: 

Chief Executive 

Responsible to: 

The Chair and the board of the Heat Pump Association (HPA) Limited. 

Main purpose of job: 

To be responsible for the development and implementation of policy and technical issues maintaining a high-profile representative role for the industry and for the management and operation of the association.

Nature of job: 

There is a need for the Chair and the board of HPA Limited to trust the integrity of the Chief Executive and to recognise the need for them to have contact with political figures and opinion formers and to speak publicly on industry issues before there has been opportunity for them to be discussed fully. The Chief Executive must recognise that they will always be seen as speaking for the industry and with the implied authority of the HPA board. Therefore, appropriate discretion must be applied. 

Main duties/tasks:

  • To lead the association, be the principal policy and technical adviser and to be responsible for ensuring the whole of the association’s policy and technical work is carried out efficient and effectively. This includes:
    • Monitoring of the political, economic, legislative and regulatory environment relevant to the industry;
    • Developing policies and proposing policy priorities for the governing body’s consideration;
    • Ensuring co-ordination and compatibility of policy work through the association.
  • To be the association’s principal spokesperson with general responsibility for the efficient exercising of the association’s representational work. This includes:
    • Ensuring that regular contact is maintained with relevant ministers, MP’s, civil servants, journalists, regulators and other opinion formers;
    • Ensuring that the association’s policies and views are adequately communicated to target audiences, including appropriate media appearances and interviews and addressing relevant conferences and seminars;
    • Ensuring that the association is represented in other forums as appropriate.
  • To ensure that the association provides a high quality and cost effective service to its members; to attract new members and retain the support of the existing members; to ensure the timely and efficient provision of relevant information to members; to keep members informed of the association’s activities; to maintain direct regular contact with individual members and to ensure that the various interests of members are adequately taken into consideration in the course of the association’s work.
  • To be responsible for the finances of the association, with the HPA Secretariat, including the preparation of the annual budget, the maintenance of adequate financial controls, and the monitoring of expenditure against the budget and to make recommendations on subscription levels for the HPA’s board for consideration.
  • Subject to any guidelines laid down by the HPA Limited board, to be responsible for all matters pertaining to the employment of association staff.
  • To be responsible for, with the support of the HPA Secretariat, for internal administration of the association; for ensuring that the association’s constitution is adhered to, and that the association complies with all relevant legislation and regulation.
  • To support the working groups by attending all meetings and facilitate the shaping of activity and delivery of objectives.
  • To be responsible for developing the forward strategy of the association.
  • To represent the HPA at the EHPA and other associations, as required.

About the job 

Home based, Head Office at Hare Hatch near Reading. 

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) is the UK’s leading authority on the use and benefits of heat pump technology and includes many of the country’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, components and associated equipment. 

Due to substantial growth in membership and the expected rapid transition in the UK heating market from fossil fuel boilers to heat pumps being the most common choice, we are now looking for a Chief Executive to support the HPA Limited board and its members and lead the organisation at an exciting and challenging time for the sector. 

The Association influences legislation and other matters that affect the interests of either the industry in general, or its members. In addition, the HPA co-ordinates technical and market research into areas of mutual interest, identified by members with the aim of improving market opportunities for members, at home and abroad. 

The role requires a combination of leadership skills, strong business management experience, excellent communication skills, a good understanding of policy and regulatory affairs, and how to navigate Government Relations and the Media. Good candidates will be accomplished board-level operators and may already have some relevant first-hand knowledge of this or a similar sector. They will also need the diplomacy and influencing skills to put promotion of heat pumps first, whilst recognising the application of other technologies where heat pumps are less suitable in the UK’s pathway for decarbonising heat. 

The HPA is part of the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA). FETA is the recognised UK body representing the interests of over 400 manufacturers, suppliers, installers and contractors within the heating, ventilating, building controls, refrigeration & air conditioning industry to policy makers and the wider public. 


Candidates should apply in writing with a CV and covering letter to Chris Yates, Chief Executive of FETA (chris.yates@feta.co.uk), to be received no later than 17:00 on Monday 16th January 2023. 

Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the interview process and dates once applications have been considered. 

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