Energy Now Expo is the only renewable energy event organised exclusively for the agricultural and rural sectors, and the HPA has been pleased to be associated with the event for a number of years.
Energy Now Expo is dedicated to the growth of renewable energy within the agricultural and rural communities of the UK. It brings together farmers, landowners and other rural business owners to engage with industry experts on the latest renewable energy opportunities available, together with the best practices in energy generation and efficiency.
Energy Now Expo 2018 was held between the 7th and 8th February at the Telford International Centre.  The event was once again attended by a record number of visitors, delegates and exhibitors and featured a strong programme of specialist seminar sessions.
Mike Nankivell, President of the HPA, chaired a seminar session specifically on the subject of heat pumps. Opening the session, Mike outlined the history and objectives of the HPA stressing that it represents all types of heat pumps. He referred to the recently published “Clean Growth Strategy” and the government’s commitment to phase out high carbon fossil fuel heating; beginning with oil-fired systems in new build homes in the 2020s. Mike congratulated the agricultural and rural communities for the way in which they have embracing renewable energy and heating technologies
The 3 main speakers at the heat pump session were:
John Findlay, Chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA), outlined the types and operational principles of ground source heat pumps and stated that the need to reduce carbon was an environmental imperative. John explained why renewables are needed, examined the potential for district heating/cooling networks and gave an overview of the unique Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) scheme.
Geoff Ellison, Managing Director of Dragon Drilling, detailed the essential requirements for calculating the cost and determining the depth of boreholes for ground source heat pumps. He stressed the importance of carefully assessing the local geology, using the British Geological Survey and borehole mapping data. Geoff described the equipment used, depending on the geology, and clarified why drilling boreholes is not a simple operation.
David Thomas of Global Energy Systems focused on Air Source Heat Pumps and various application case studies. David began with a description of ASHPs and how they work. He outlined efficiency comparisons between all electric, gas and oil fired systems vs. ASHPs. This was followed by snapshots of a variety of domestic, commercial and rural/agricultural applications and a more detailed case study where an ASHP had replaced oil fired system on a pig farrowing farm. This included monitored running cost savings for the ASHP over the oil fired system, evidence that near zero carbon emissions had been achieved and how the end user was benefitting from RHI payments.
All the presentations will be available on the Energy Now website in due course.
Mike observed. “Although the Energy Now expo is not an obvious venue to be supported by the HPA, over the years it has demonstrated that there is significant interest in renewable heat pump technology within the rural and agricultural communities.”