The HPA has reviewed and commented upon a recent document from BEIS entitled “Clean Growth – Transfoming Heat”.
This report focuses on ways the UK can de-carbonise heat, and move to low carbon heating sources. Clearly, heat pumps have a huge role to play in such a strategy and the HPA were very glad to have the opportunity to comment.
Some of the key points the HPA raised in its response were:
The Electricity Grid Carbon Factor currently in Building Regulations does not reflect the recent dramatic drop in carbon emissions from electricity generation, and hence means that the performance of heat pumps is unfairly penalised.
The report quotes an oft repeated myth that heat pumps only work with well insulated buildings; this is clearly wrong. Any heating system will operate more efficiently in a well insulated building.
Heat pumps are a well understood technology that is available TODAY.
There needs to be some lateral thinking as regards electricity tariffs and subsidies to facilitate the uptake of heat pumps.
We need to engage with consumers to highlight the benefits, and ultimate energy and money savings, of using this technology.
Several of these topics have been the subject of recent articles by the HPA in the industry press.
The full response will be available on the HPA website in the near future.