Heat pumps go on holidays

An increasing number of heat pump installations can be found in leisure and holiday applications where the owners are conscious of the need to save energy and money.

Just such a case was a Carrier Xpower heat pump split system, which has been installed by Domair International in a holiday rental unit in a converted water mill in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The rooms are open to rafter height and the construction is predominantly timber, so a substantial amount of heat is retained. The Carrier Xpower high wall mounted unit located in the bedroom heats the space quickly and quietly. It uses an electronic inverter drive system, which is claimed to be more than 40% efficient than ‘conventional?systems.

It operates from the mains single phase supply and can be run on a time clock to provide even more energy saving.

This holiday home is almost fully let all year round and the heat pump system can provide economic supplementary heating in winter.

Carrier Xpower systems usually benefit from tax advantages under the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.