Heat Pump for the People’s Park

Hadrian Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd. of Washington, Tyne and Wear has installed a Daikin Air to Air VRV heat pump heat recovery system, supplied by HPA member Space Airconditioning plc, at Saltwell Park for Gateshead Council as part of a ?0 million restoration project.

Known to the local community as the ‘People’s Park? Saltwell Park was first opened to the public in 1876 and was designed to provide a haven for the working people of Gateshead to visit. Standing in 55 acres of landscape, woodland and ornamental gardens, the Gothic mansion Saltwell Towers lay in ruins for many years.

The project started in 1999 with the complete restoration of the mansion. Gateshead Council wanted to provide an Interactive IT Activity Centre that was bright and modern within Saltwell Towers, but this had to be achieved within the strict regulations of a Grade II listed building.

The comfort of visitors was very important, Hadrian Air Conditioning & Refrigeration were asked by Gateshead council to design a system that would offer the ultimate in climate control in the most cost effective way but that would blend in with the internal fabric of the building.

“The Daikin VRV heat pump heat recovery system was chosen due to its excellent efficiency characteristics and compatibility with the restrictions of a Grade II listed building. Daikin ducted fan coils offered excellent performance as well as being able to integrate with the Architect’s vision of the aesthetics required internally. In addition, the high performance heat recovery system enables extremely efficient heating during the winter months,?said Alan Unsworth, Hadrian Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd.