Heat Pump Association Launches New Articles to Help Consumers Embrace Low-Carbon Heating

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) have today launched a series of articles which provide consumers with a comprehensive guide to navigating the move to installing a heat pump.

As we progress towards our interim carbon reduction targets, the importance of decarbonising heat from buildings is evident, and it is widely understood and accepted that heat pumps will play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and advancing efforts to reach net zero by 2050. With a commitment to accelerating the deployment of heat pumps, the HPA’s latest initiative seeks to drive consumer awareness and adoption of heat pumps as a viable alternative to traditional heating systems.

The articles cover considerations, advice and real-life experiences at every stage of a heat pump journey. From considering installation to optimising energy efficiency and experiencing the day-to-day benefits, these articles provide practical guidance and actionable insights to help consumers make informed decisions.

The articles cover:

  1. Thinking of Installing a Heat Pump? Here’s What You Need to Know.
  2. What to Expect When Living with a Heat Pump
  3. How to Get Your Home Ready for a Heat Pump
  4. 7 Facts About the Benefits of Heat Pumps
  5. Life with a Heat Pump – Owner Stories

Commenting on the release of the articles, HPA Marketing Working Group Chair, Angie Moors-Menkens said: “As advocates for the accelerated deployment of heat pumps, the Heat Pump Association is proud to unveil these articles, which are designed to educate and empower consumers to make informed decisions on their journey to decarbonising their home heating. By providing valuable insights and practical tips, we aim to make the journey to decarbonised heating as simple and easy as possible for the consumer.”

Katy King, Deputy Director of Sustainable Future at Nesta, said: “The UK government aims to have 600,000 heat pumps installed each year by 2028 in order to decarbonise home heating and meet our net zero targets. However, there are still major knowledge gaps and misconceptions when it comes to installing and living with a heat pump. The Heat Pump Association’s new articles for consumers can help people looking to go green by providing practical guidance and actionable tips. These resources could help many UK homeowners make their first step to transitioning to a heat pump.”

For those considering a heat pump, the articles offer invaluable guidance on key considerations such as cost, efficiency, and environmental impact. By understanding the various factors involved, consumers can make informed decisions that best suit their circumstances.

To access the articles and learn more about heat pumps, visit the Heat Pump Association website at https://www.heatpumps.org.uk/consumers/

Notes to Editors:

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About the Heat Pump Association:

The HPA is the UK’s dedicated voice for the Heat Pump Sector, driving widespread deployment of heat pump technology throughout the UK. Our membership includes the country’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, components, and associated equipment as well as energy companies, certification bodies, installers and training providers.  We currently represent over 95 member organisations working in the heat pump sector, with our members representing around 85% of the volume of heat pumps sold in the UK market.