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Eaton-Williams’ sister company supplies
water source heat pumps to China

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Eaton-Williams is very active in China working with its partner Forgend Technologies who manufacture the CTX and IPAC air handlers. Now its sister company Mammoth (Shanghai) Air Conditioning Ltd has entered the market by securing a contract to supply water source heat pumps for the Nanjing International Plaza project in China.

Commenting on the Nanjing project, Peter Dewdney, group marketing manager for Eaton-Williams says, “China is an important market for Eaton-Williams and with our sister company Mammoth we are well placed to meet the increasing demand for cooling and heating solutions.?/p>
The Nanjing International Plaza project is a 4.5 million sq ft complex consisting of offices, hotels and apartments centred round a shopping mall. The Nanjing project is currently the largest of its type in China and will be using Mammoth water source heat pumps throughout. Unwanted rejected heat from the development’s massive interior zones will be recovered for heating exterior zones during the heating season. The rejected heat will also be used for pre-heating domestic hot water for the project’s hotels.
Energy-saving air conditioning systems are frequently specified in many projects in China and Mammoth has an extensive portfolio of products that can provide energy efficient solutions. By using water source heat pumps end users also save on capital investment and operating costs as the systems address heating and cooling at low costs at any time of the year.