DMS Metering Solutions

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DMS Metering Solutions have been serving the industry for over 20 years and are the largest, independent metering supplier. The expertise and knowledge we provide alongside our high quality products results in the ideal solution for all applications and projects. Some of the key products we cover are Heat, Water and Gas Meters but we also have metering for specialist requirements such as Electromagnetic, Non-invasive, Steam, Wastewater & Oil applications. We also supply Safety Devices such as Gas Pressure Regulators, Safety Shut Off Valves, Leak Detection devices. In the world of Heat Pumps, DMS are best known for the Sontex Heat Meters which we represent in the UK. The Superstatic heat meters are fully RHI compliant and can be used accurately with glycol mediums, making them an ideal pairing for Heat Pumps. DMS bring you the Swiss quality of heat meter with next day deliveries and large stock holding. The support doesn’t just stop at the meters themselves. We can provide data collection solutions for accessing the meter readings remotely which can then lead on further to large scale meter monitoring and even billing systems. The Elvaco range of equipment is world renowned for their M-Bus masters and gateways to connect meters to online platforms. As the UK starts to make the plunge into LoRa systems, we are right at the cutting edge of this with solutions already available from Sontex and Elvaco, as well as our other manufacturers that we represent in the UK.

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