Braeaire Fits Foundry

Braeaire Ltd (ANEX) have considerable expertise in design and manufacture of specialised heat recovery, all forms of heat pumps and industrial drying units.

In July 2001, Braeaire designed, manufactured and installed a mould drying unit in a Foundry at Polycast Ltd in Southampton. This unit is roof mounted and connected to ducting installed into the mould drying room.

The mechanical vapour compression heat pump air drier/heater with controlled supply air temperature was added to an existing high air velocity drying chamber. The products being dried require to be kept at a very constant temperature and humidity. The heat pump drier closely controls the amount of refrigerant reheat to the cooled dry air in order to meet the requirements of ?0.75ºC supply air temperature. The air is cooled to 2ºC saturated and reheated to maintain 22.5ºC in the drier with the surplus heat rejected to atmosphere.

The control of supply air temperature and dryness of the air has significantly reduced high mould wastage and the client has reported the finish of the moulds to be superior to those prior to the unit being installed.

Dependant on the amount of reheat used there is a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3 to 5.8. The unit maintains operation conditions of 40% to 45% humidity at temperatures of 22ºC to 23ºC.

This form of heat recovery saves considerable running costs and is in line with the Climate Change Levy and the Kyoto Protocol.

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