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  • BEIS RHI Emergency Measures Briefing: 12th September 2017.
  • CIBSE/GSHPA CP3 Water Source Code of Practice Meeting: 12th September 2017.
  • Each Home Counts: 19th September 2017 – Much discussion over who will host and fund the ‘Information Hub’. Also, which consumer mark will be used (thought is that Trustmark will rise to the top).
  • MCS 007 Product Standard: 20th September 2017 – Tidying up of the document, alterations to text to come in line with ErP & Ecodesign changes and thresholds and general alignment/updates with other standards (e.g. Ecodesign and BS EN16147 & EN14825). Document to be issued to WG for approval.
  • MCS SMG (Standard Management Group): 21st September 2017.
  • RHI IAG with BEIS: 22nd September 2017 (IAG = Industry Advisory Group; BEIS = Department for Business, Energy Industry & Strategy)
  • BEIS Non-DOM RHI case study review: 25th September 2017 – slides available.
  • BEIS HP Hybrid Workshop: 26th September 2017
  • Ofgem: 5th October 2017 – To discuss interpretation of regulations, issues over the rush to get applications in prior to 20th September Heat Demand Limits, under title of “Mission Creep” This meeting was called jointly by HPA & GSHPA. Meeting notes are available on request.
  • Clean Growth Strategy: 12th October 2017 – HPA attended presentation by Greg Clark MP (Secretary of State for Energy & Climate) and Claire Perry MP (Minister for Energy & Climate).
  • BEIS RHI Update: Wednesday 18th October – A dial-in teleconference to explain the delay in phase 2 RHI reforms (see earlier) and to lay out plans for Tariff Guarantees.
  • MCS Competence Criteria Group: 23rd October 2017 – There is an issue that the scheme potentially does not have the level of documented and operational criteria required by the Renewable Energy Directive and puts us in a position where we could be fined by the EU, of which we are STILL a member until 2019.
  • BEIS RHI Assignment of Rights Meeting: 27th October 2017
  • Meetings with BRE to discuss SAP & Product Characteristic Database

We trust this mid-plenary update is useful. The next plenary meeting is 20th November 2017 when these items can be discussed in more detail if required.